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My name is Sharon and I am a Certified Medium, a Certified Intuitive Healer, and a Certified Destiny Card reader and teacher. Many of my clients simply feel stuck in some aspect of their lives or are unsure of how to move forward. Many are unsure of the reasons behind these hang ups and the feelings that are attached to them. Through my energy assessment and interpretation of your present destiny calendar, I can pin point factors contributing to the unwanted blocks and stagnant energies, to help facilitate healthy solutions.
In your impression therapy session, I use my intuitive perceptions to see where there are blockages that have lead to imbalance in your current life situation. Each chakra governs with 3 aspects.of US.Being Our physical emotional and spiritual  aspects of self. My guided insights and conclusions help to find fresh and positive ways of dealing with old (and even with new) challenges you are facing. In your scheduled time with me I will interpret the physical, emotional and spiritual energies within and around you. You will receive detailed and highly accurate information that covers the most prominent aspects of your life: past, present, and future ;relationship questions, life purpose, health, family, children, career, etc. With what  I image as prominent  for you. I am able to give you real time updates and how to potentially handle what coming. It's a very freeing, validating, and empowering process to gain clarity on situations which is what i will help you to do during out conversation. (Please Record it thank you.)
Energy is everywhere, held in every facet of our lives. Science acknowledges the unseen energies and their influence in every day living. We all hold our past, our present, and our future in our energy field. What I do can be described similar to turning on the radio and listening to the unseen waves coming through. People call this new age but it has been with us throughout the ages.

Guided Destiny

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I am living my passion connecting with YOU!

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My Calendar Time Zone is Eastern Standard (Boston Time) 

*Please book same day readings 6 hours ahead minimum 

as to insure confirmations.

Same hour bookings do not go through. 

You  will choose for yourself  my available date and time with your booking .

email me  to book personally at



Love & Peace 


Sharon Leigh is a professional Certified Medical Intuitive Holistic Healer, Medium, Esoteric Shaman in life training, Essential Oil Expert. A Medium and psychic development teacher leading development courses through google hangouts and video classes. Spiritual Seeker, Author, Yoga & Meditation teacher, Destiny Science Life Healing Consultant, Certified Usi Reiki practitioner since 1992, Crystal worker and more.  


She has an extensive 20 years of study, experience and growing knowledge and understandings of the mystic realms.


Offering guidance conversation therapy council with validation life path encouragement and accurate views of the Future with timelines to all of her clients. Encouraging them to move in a positive directions; to discover their highest potential and face and understand the challenges that may lie ahead of them. ​

A Review to share

Great Reading!

I was coming quickly upon the date of my long planned retirement and while having a clear vision of what I wanted my retirement to look like, I still found myself unsure of my future, questioning my choices, timing and the possible impact on my partner. Was I doing the right thing? Selling our home, buying a fifth-wheel, a truck, and heading out with 2 dogs and 3 cats to see this great country. I scheduled a private reading with Sharon Leigh at It was so easy to make an appointment and connect even though we are on opposite ends of the of the U.S. that included a 3-hour time difference. What a great experience I had. Sharon is so gifted, very intuitive and has a vibrant energy. I could tell when I spoke to her that she has a great heart and she is a very positive person. Sharon was so supportive and let me ask all of my questions. She validated my plans, provided encouraging guidance that gave me the confidence to face the experiences ahead with gusto. I feel like I do not want to miss a moment of my future! She was also able to get positive energy and feedback from my parents. Even when we talked about some possible challenges ahead; her humor, excellent outlook, and sense of spiritual freedom encouraged me to stay on my path and "punt" where I need to. She also made me aware of some important timelines and gave me advice. Sharon expanded my boundaries with positive suggestions on moving forward. It has been two months since my reading and I am still "over the moon" with encouragement and direction. Thank you very much, Shannon S.

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