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My names is Sharon 

I am certified Destiny card reader teacher.Certified Medium Certified Intuitive Healer. I live on the beach in Sandwich Cape Cod and love every minute of it.

In your intuitive reading with me I will interpret the physical emotional and Spiritual energies with in and around you. We all hold our past our present and our future in our energy fired. Along with many other attributes.

     Many of my clients simply feel stuck in some aspect of their lives or are unsure of how to move forward. Many are unsure of the reasons behind these hang ups and the feelings attached to them. Through my energy assessment and interpretation of your present destiny calendar I can pin point factors contributing to that for them allowing them to move freely past the unwanted blocks and stagnant energies.

In giving a reading I use my intuitive perceptions to see where in your body or in you life energy may be  blocked or even over flowing out of balance. I arrive at insights and conclusions to help you to find new and positive ways of dealing with old and even new challenges you are facing in your life. A very freeing validating  and empowering process.

Energy is everywhere, held in every facet of our lives. Science acknowleges the unseen energies and their influence in every day living. 

What I do can be described similar to turning on the radio and listening to the unseen waves coming through. People call this new age but it has been with us throughout the ages.


Sharon  is a certified and dedicated Spiritual Psychic Intuitive Medium for more then 20 years who gives accurate and detailed messages with dates and timelines. Readings are filled with messages of love and validations from your guides and descended loved ones. I deliver my destiny life readings and healings through a range of certified modalities.

Sharon  is a professional certified Medical Intuitive Holistic Healer, Medium,Esoteric Shaman in life training, Essential Oil Expert. A Medium and psychic development teacher leading development courses through google hangouts and video classes. Spiritual Seeker, Author, Yoga & Meditation teacher, Destiny science Life Healing consultant.  Certified Usi Reiki 

practitioner 1992,Crystal worker and more Calling on her lifetime of experiences and spiritual tool box of study.  


Extensive 20 years of study and growing knowledge and understandings of the mystic realms.


Offering guidance validation life path encouragement and accurate views of the Future with timelines to all of her clients. Encouraging them to move in a positive directions; to discover their highest potential and face and understand the challenges that may lie ahead of them. 

Custom essential oil blend offered and available with every reading

  Miracles  Happen
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