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Be in and breathe

If possible be in nature. Be as close to nature as possible. It holds the rhythm of the Earth and your heart. The wind whispers the harmony to the earth cosmic Aum (Om)


Notice how you are breathing at this moment are you taking deep connecting breaths during your days? Are your breaths short and on your list?

Feel your feet.

Feel all areas of you that are connected to the ground at this time. Sense into that connection. The depth of space it holds.

Place your hand on your lap palms up to the sky

Relax your hands your arms and back

Relax your breathing.

Listen to the birds to the life busting in it's routine of living on day at a time.

You have been quite before.

Just be

Allow "here" now .

when your thoughts drift to your list of things to do add Be here now and come back to your breath.

Stay here breathe .....just be in the silence that holds everything

Imagine anything you want pick your color from the trees

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